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At the age of 72, Theo was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. He had always been very active, enjoyed going out, playing chess with his friends, and spending quality time with his family and was determined to manage his condition and maintain as much of his lifestyle as possible. The doctor warned him about the importance of taking his medication at specific times to manage his condition and, even though his memory had always been quite good, he was worried about having to make so much medication at such specific times.

His daughter Erin stepped in and set up a medication reminder with CareCalls. CareCalls calls Theo five times a day to remind him to take his medication at the right time. This was a great relief for Theo, as he did not have to worry about remembering to take his medication anymore.

Erin was happy to see that her father was receiving the help he needed. She noticed that he was more relaxed and was able to focus on enjoying his time with his family and friends. The doctors were impressed with how well Theo had maintained his regime. They could see that he was taking his medication at the right time, and it was helping him manage his condition.

Theo was grateful for his daughter’s help and the CareCalls reminder. He could now focus on doing the things he loved without worrying about his medication. He continues to enjoy going out, playing chess with his friends and spending quality time with his family. With the help of CareCalls, Theo has been able to maintain his independence as long as possible and continue to do the things he enjoys most.

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