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Robert has always been a night owl. He would spend hours watching TV until the early hours of the morning and fall asleep on the sofa. He would wake up feeling cold and confused, with a sore back and his quality of sleep was terrible.

His son, Toby, heard about CareCalls and set up a reminder for Robert to go to bed every night at 10 o’clock, he recorded the reminder himself.

Robert found toby’s recorded voice reassuring and even if he had fallen asleep already it would wake him up and remind him to turn off the TV and go to bed properly.

Robert started feeling better in just a few days. He woke up feeling much more refreshed and energized. His back pain disappeared, and he rarely caught colds anymore.

Toby was overjoyed to see his dad’s situation improving. He knew that a good night’s sleep was the foundation of good health and was very pleased with the service.

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