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Mr N had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease for a few years now, and he was on medication that needed to be taken five times a day. It was a crucial aspect of his treatment, and missing a dosage could lead to a significant deterioration in his health. However, with time, he started to forget about his medication, which often resulted in emergency hospital admissions.

Mrs J, his daughter, was worried sick about him. She had a career and family to manage, and it was becoming increasingly challenging for her to remind her father to take his medication. She tried various methods, such as writing reminders on post-it notes, but it didn’t seem to work.

One day, a community nurse recommended a reminder service that would prompt Mr N to take his medication five times a day. The messages were personalised by Mrs J to include the name of the medication and the time of day, so Mr N would know which one to take.

The service was set up, and quickly made a significant difference in Mr N’s life. He no longer missed his medication, and his health improved significantly. Mrs J was relieved that her father was taking his medication on time. As well as this, If Mr N didn’t respond to the prompt after two attempts, Mrs J would receive a text message. This feature gave her peace of mind, and she was grateful for it.

Thanks to the reminder service, Mr N’s health improved, and he no longer had to worry about missing his medication. Mrs J was glad that the service was there to help her, and she knew that she could rely on it to maintain her father’s wellbeing.


  • 99% compliance
  • Managing Parkinson’s well
  • Peace of mind for the family

“CareCalls have made a huge difference to our day to day life, we tried a few things but this worked well as dad is comfortable using his house phone and he likes that it is my voice on the reminders”.

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