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Warning: This article regards the automated regular reminder/check-in service only.
For articles regarding the automated ‘One-off reminder’ service please go here.
For articles regarding the ‘Calls from a professional’ service please go here.

How long do I need to set up a service?

You will need between 5 and 10 minutes to set up a service.

What details do I need to set up a service?

Section 1: Service creator details

These are the details of the person setting up the service.

  1. Relation to call receiver
  2. Full name
  3. Email
  4. Phone number(s)

Section 2: Service receiver details

These are the details of the person who will receive the service.

  1. Full name
  2. Phone number
  3. Email (If available)

Section 3: Service details

These are the details of the reminder/check-ins themselves.

  1. Times calls are needed
  2. Days calls are needed
  3. Message/s to be heard
    • We maintain an extensive list of pre-recorded/written reminders for different common purposes
    • You can record your own messages with ease. This happens at the end of the form and can be done over the phone
  4. Start date (can be immediate)
  5. End date (if any)

Section 4: Support network

If there is anyone else supporting the call receiver, e.g GPs, family members, neighbours e.t.c you can add their details here. We ask for:

  1. Name
  2. Relation to the reminder/check-in receiver
  3. Phone number(s) (if available)
  4. Email (if available)

Section 5: Roles

This section allows you to indicate who (from the previous section) will be involved in the service going forward and how.

  1. Paying / funding (if applicable) – Who will be paying for the service. This encompasses both private and publicly funded users.
  2. Recording personalised messages (if applicable) – This will only appear if you have elected for personalised messages to be recorded, we can also record personalised messages for you.
  3. Receiving weekly reports (optional) – Indicate who should receive a weekly report of how the reminder/check-in receiver has responded to the service.
  4. Alerts (optional) – These are the alerts that go out if, after 2 attempts, the reminder/check-in receiver does not answer.

Payment details (If applicable)

Read this article to establish if you will need to provide payment details and, if so, what details are needed.

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