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Call blockers ask anyone calling the call receiver’s phone to state their name then press a key. This helps prevent unwanted calls from coming through. However, if this is active on a phone receiving the reminder/check-in service, you will need to perform the following instructions, otherwise, the reminder/check-in service will not be able to get through. There are two options for bypassing the call blocker, which one to use will depend on the circumstances and system in place.

Before you start: Confirm which number you get your calls from (Delivery number)

The number you receive your calls on depends on which country you are in, click here to see your delivery phone number.

Option 1) Do it on the phone/line in question

The option requires you to follow the instructions provided by the individual phone service provider/phone manufacturer. You are looking to add your delivrery number to what is usually called a ‘white list’ or ‘allow list’.

Common manufacturers/providers in the UK

BT Call Guardian – Click here for instructions
Talk talk Callsafe – Click here for instructions
Sky Talkshield – Click here for instructions
Truecall device – Edit the settings online here or call them on 08000336330

Common manufacturers/providers in the USA

Update coming soon

Option 2) Do it by calling them via our phone number

This can be done remotely but will only work if the system in place allows numbers that have been allowed through once to come through again in the future without being stopped by the call blocker. You will need to make sure the person receiving the CareCalls service is able to answer the phone to you during this process.

  1. Email us at along with the number you are trying to permit, we will reply with a 4-digit code
  2. Call your delivery number from a different phone (not the phone that receives the check-ins/reminders)
  3. Press 5 when instructed
  4. When prompted, enter the code we gave you
  5. When prompted, enter the phone number in question
  6. You will now be connected to the phone number in question, follow the instructions the call blocker gives you to allow you through and notify the call receiver.
  7. Once the call receiver answers the phone to you, the process is complete.
  8. Make sure to test your changes using the steps below.

Testing your changes

You can test that calls are able to come through by going to and selecting ‘a test message’ to go through to the number in question.

If you encounter issues, please contact us.