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Warning: This article regards the automated regular reminder/check-in service only.
For articles regarding the automated ‘One-off reminder’ service please go here.
For articles regarding the ‘Calls from a professional’ service please go here.

Option 1: During the call

This is the easiest option. If confirmations are enabled, at the end of each message, the reminder/check-in receiver will hear a request for them to press a number key to confirm they have received the call. They can, in fact, press a number key at any point during that message so they don’t have to wait until they hear that part of the message. After they have pressed a number key they will hear another message verifying that the call has been confirmed.

Option 2: By calling back between the first and second attempt

If the first call is missed then the person receiving the reminder/check-in can call CareCalls back on the number we deliver the calls on (check what your number is here) and follow the instructions. As long as they do this before the second attempt comes through (a 10-minute window by default) they will stop any unnecessary alerts from going out (presuming missed reminder/check-in alerts have been set up in the first place). Please keep in mind they won’t hear the content of the initial reminder/check-in when calling back.