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You may be reading this because you received a message informing you that someone’s calls are failing.

We contact the appropriate people whenever over 80% of recent check-ins/reminders delivered come back to us as ‘failed’. 

Check-ins/reminders can come back as ‘failed’ for a variety of reasons:

  • Their phone is switched off, disconnected or not working correctly (in the case of a mobile it may have been lost).
  • Their phone number has changed (after moving house or replacing a lost mobile).
  • Their phone service provider (BT, Vodafone e.t.c) is experiencing a technical problem or there is a problem with a local tower/line.

Please check in with the call receiver to see why this may be happening. You can use our instant demo page to test that check-ins/reminders can get through

If you need to update the service (including changing the number it is received on) you can do so here.

If check-ins/reminders fail for a total of 20 days we will pause the service indefinitely until we are informed the issue has been resolved or otherwise.