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Mrs S had always been an independent woman, strong-willed and fiercely independent. But as she aged, she found herself struggling with the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Her daughter, Mrs P, was often away on work trips as an aid worker, leaving Mrs S to manage her medication and health alone.

At first, Mrs S was diligent about taking her medication three times a day, but as her memory began to fade, she started to forget. Mrs P tried everything she could think of to help her mother remember – from setting alarms on her phone to buying pillboxes with compartments for each day of the week. But nothing seemed to work.

As Mrs S’s health and wellbeing began to decline, Mrs P grew increasingly worried. Her mother was forgetting to take her medication and was also neglecting to hydrate properly. Mrs P knew that something had to be done – and fast.

CareCalls was set up by hospital discharge staff to help patients like Mrs S manage their medication and stay healthy. CareCalls recorded personalised messages with timings and instructions for Mrs S to take her medication, and the service was later updated to include regular hydration prompts.

At first, Mrs S was a little hesitant about the service. But as she got used to it, she began to appreciate the service more and more. The calls were friendly and reassuring, and the reminders helped her stay on top of her medication and hydration.

Thanks to CareCalls, Mrs S’s health and wellbeing improved dramatically. She was able to manage her Alzheimer’s better and stay healthy, even when her daughter was away on work trips. And Mrs P was grateful to have a service that she could rely on to help her mother stay safe and healthy – no matter where in the world she was.


  • Over 80% compliance
  • Mrs S reports ‘greater Independence’
  • Mrs P reports ‘Greater peace of mind’

“This has been a great service for us, mum is taking her medication and responds well. We then added the water reminders which were very helpful to”.

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