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George is 80 years old, but he was still very active and healthy. Despite his old age, he was always on the move and loved to go for walks in the park. However, George had a tendency to forget things, especially small details. His daughter Lucy became worried when she noticed that George had started to forget to lock the doors at night.

Lucy was concerned because their neighbour had recently experienced a break-in, and Lucy didn’t want the same thing to happen to her dad. She started calling him every night before going to bed, but with her busy schedule, it was difficult to remember every night.

Lucy decided to look for a solution, and that’s when she discovered CareCalls. She set up a personalised reminder using her own voice, and now we call George every night at 9 o’clock to remind him to lock the doors.

George enjoys receiving the call and hearing Lucy’s voice every evening before he goes to bed and Lucy feels peace of mind knowing her dad and his home are safe and secure.

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