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Many of our customers are still at a stage where they still greatly value independence, while family members or carers may visit in order to help, it can be irritating (and potentially expensive) to have someone constantly monitoring you.

Improved or maintained health & quality of life

Through compliance with pill or medication prescriptions. We are consistently provided with feedback that the system massively reduces the amount of medication or pills forgotten. If someone is forgetting an important task e.g. forgetting to hydrate, they may be experiencing a compromised quality of life. Reminders can be personalised to remind call receivers of any household task.

Improved safety

If someone has a fall or blackout, a regular check-in is able to alert a neighbour, family member or carer. We are frequently alerted of situations where an individual has had an accident at home and it was brought to attention by a missed check-in. By addressing these situations quickly, call receivers have been saved from more serious circumstances.

Peace of mind

If a loved one is struggling with independence, it will often lead to consistent worry for family members, especially if they are at work and not able to check in regularly or to remind a vulnerable member about important medication or tasks. The check-ins/reminders help to reduce this anxiety by providing reminders and warning family members if calls have not been answered.

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