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Built for partnership

CareCalls helps other companies supporting older and vulnerable people to create new business. We are looking to form partnerships with:

  • Specialist equipment and telecare retailers
  • Monitoring centres
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Manufacturers and software developers
  • Pharmacies

The CareCalls platform has been designed for reseller and/or white-label arrangements, we are also able to integrate with a wide range of telecare devices and services.

Who do we work with?

CareCalls works with both public and private organisations to create impact, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

Partnership benefits

A new revenue stream
Expand your offerings and create a new recurring revenue stream by offering a proven service.

Brand engagement
CareCalls can create superb brand recognition and trust, especially with the white-label option.

Low administration
A complete end-to-end service allowing you to focus on promotion and other business activities.

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Over 1.5 million reminders & check-ins delivered so far

Used & recommended by NHS staff

Elaine WinkworthDaughter in law

The reminder calls started immediately to remind my mother in law to take her medication. Also, when she failed to answer her 2 calls, Care Call alerted me to check on her. Very good service. This service sets mine & my husbands mind at rest about MIL taking her medication.

Anne JacksonService receiver

I can't believe how easy this has been. Discovered them last night through Google and set it up for 1st call today. I thought, no, this is too easy. Its not going to happen. But, sure enough, 9am exactly the phonecall came to make sure I was OK. Fantastic. Such a relief. I'm 73 and alone and isolated and could lie here for weeks. Now I know its covered and I have peace of mind. A great service and desperately needed in todays world. Great value.

Mr HumphreysSon

Mum was continually forgetting to take her evening medication and due to no family living nearby it soon became a serious problem. Luckily we came across CareCalls who had the solution we needed - brilliant service at a very reasonable monthly cost and very easy to manage. We no longer require the service currently but will resume at a drop of a hat. Thank you CareCalls for an invaluable service!

Nadia ParkerCare professional

This is a great service. It is very easy to refer and the option of having an immediate start for prompting is very beneficial. The person I referred last week rang today to inform that all is going well and he is very pleased.

Neil ParhamCare professional

I felt that the process was very thorough and straight forward. My referral was dealt with efficiently and very much customer-focused. I would not hesitate to use this service again or to inform my colleagues of this service.

Jasmeet NayyarProfessional

Carecalls are helping services users and there families to stay independent as far as possible. It is not intrusive and cost effective. Advisers are also very polite and helpful.

Wes NicholsonSon

I set up a regular CareCalls check-in for my Dad. He lives alone (and I'm a long way from him) so although we speak regularly, he wanted a nightly check-in because he's worried if anything happens, it might not be obvious immediately.

This way he gets a nightly check-in and if he doesn't answer, I'll get a notification. He's really happy with the service, exactly what he was looking for.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 across multiple review sites

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