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Warning: This article regards the automated regular reminder/check-in service only.
For articles regarding the automated ‘One-off reminder’ service please go here.
For articles regarding the ‘Calls from a professional’ service please go here.

What is this service?

CareCalls service helps people remember to do important things and/or checks that they are ok throughout the day. It does this by contacting them via landline, mobile or specialist device. If they don’t respond to a reminder/check-in, we try again 10 minutes later, if there is no response the second time we will, if previously instructed, send a text (sms), call or email to indicated people.

Why have I got an alert?

  1. The person indicated in the alert has had a CareCalls service set up for them. Your contact details were provided during this process and it was indicated that you should receive an alert if a reminder/check-in was missed after 2 attempts.
  2. That person has not responded to a reminder/check-in after 2 attempts 10 minutes apart
  3. Our system has automatically contacted you to alert you that they have not responded

What should I do now?

A missed call may indicate that there is something wrong and it may be best to check-in with them. However, CareCalls does not offer explicit advice on how to respond to an alert as we are unable to discern anything beyond the fact that the reminder/check-in was missed after 2 attempts. We have simply passed this information on so you may act on it how you see fit.

We do recommend that, going forward, those people supporting the reminder/check-in receiver should plan what to do in case an alert is received.

Do I need to contact CareCalls to tell you that they are okay or not?

No, you do not need to contact us if you receive an alert. After sending out alerts to those people indicated we will not escalate the situation any further or expect information to be passed back to us. We will never contact emergency services or send anyone around.

Who set the service up?

To find out who set this service up, please click ‘Update a CareCall’ at the top of the page and follow the instructions, once you are logged in, go to ‘support network’ and you will be able to see who else is involved.

Can I turn off the alerts or send them to a different contact detail?

Yes, but the alerts have been set up to ensure the well-being of the person receiving the reminder/check-in so please consider carefully before removing alerts without providing a replacement. Please click ‘Update a CareCall’ at the top of the page and follow the instructions, once you are logged in, go to ‘roles and alerts’ and remove your contact details from the list of alerts.