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Human check-ins

We often get asked if CareCalls can be delivered by a real person. Well, now the answer is yes! We have partnered with a top home care agency to deliver real-person calls for those who need more in-depth interaction to check they are ok and to tackle isolation.

This service is perfect for those who live alone and need a more in-depth interaction to remind and/or encourage them to perform important tasks such as checking the fridge, eating or taking medication. It is also perfect for someone who is lonely or isolated and would benefit from personal contact.

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Appointment reminders

These are one-off reminders that are perfect for doctors appointments, days out and other occasional events. A great tool for family, friends or professionals providing ongoing care. Oh, and by the way: They are totally free to use!

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Updated online dashboard

Our new online dashboard makes it easy to:

  • Securely log in (no passwords required, just log in using your contact details)
  • Add, remove or update call times
  • Pause calls for specific time periods or stop them entirely
  • Add additional family, friends or professionals involved in ongoing care
  • Manage payment methods

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