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Live caller service

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Who can benefit and how?

This service is perfect for those who live alone and need a more in-depth interaction to remind and/or encourage them to perform important tasks such as checking the fridge, eating or taking medication. It is also perfect for someone who is lonely or isolated and would benefit from personal contact.

This service reduces the anxiety for families who are socially isolating or geographically removed from their loved ones, providing them with peace of mind secure in the knowledge that someone is there to check-in consistently. We are also able to flag up any issues to an individuals support network and can signpost to further help.

What is included?

  • Regular calls within an agreed morning, afternoon or evening window
  • Alerts to you (or anyone indicated) if there is no response to a call
  • Additional automated reminder/check-in service to help throughout the rest of the week (if required).
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Our combined experience

The CareCalls live caller service is delivered by experienced carers with experience in many complex environments and wide knowledge of care provision. Our care partner is a vetted Domiciliary Care Provider and provides a selection of effective, caring, compassionate, and responsive carers dedicated to supporting vulnerable individuals to remain independent and healthy. Your human check-in calls will be tailored to your individual care needs.


If the number of calls required is not represented below we are happy to provide a quote based on your needs, all prices include VAT.

1 call per day


2 calls per day


3 calls per day


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