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The measures put in place by the UK government to prevent the spread of coronavirus are necessary. But they will also leave many vulnerable individuals isolated and in need of new types of support as face-to-face provisions are reduced or even suspended.

These vulnerable individuals include:

  • Those isolated in their own homes
  • Care home residents
  • Sheltered accommodation residents

What does CareCalls do?

At CareCalls we are experienced in working with the NHS, local authorities and private organisations to ensure those within their care are looked after in a consistent, efficient and cost-effective way.

Our system reminders and check-ins help care professionals proactively monitor the wellbeing of vulnerable individuals, allowing them to respond quickly to any problems before they escalate.

Reminders & wellbeing check-ins

Our automated reminders are ideal for ensuring those with early-stage dementia, learning difficulties, brain damage and other issues affecting memory, remember to complete important tasks and are safe at home.

Applications include:

  • Taking vital medication
  • Eating and drinking throughout the day
  • Social distancing
  • Regular hand washing

If a call is not answered, a nominated person(s) will be informed so that a follow up can be made, either by phone or in person, where appropriate.

National and local updates

Where essential organisational, personal or government updates would usually be limited to email or broadcast. CareCalls is able to provide mass updates to those isolated at home via phone or text (SMS).

Our updates process:

  1. Information can be sent as pre-recorded phone calls or SMS messages.
  2. Recipients will be asked to verify that they have heard or read the information.
  3. A lack of verification will trigger a second attempted communication.
  4. A second lack of verification will trigger a nominated person(s) being contacted.
  5. Individual and aggregate reporting will enable organisations to easily assess who has seen and verified each piece of information.

Human caller

We have partnered with Atlas Respite & Therapy Services to create a human caller service. This is a service that provides vulnerable individuals with the opportunity to talk to a real person within the remit of Care Calls services.

This is is an ideal way for organisations to:

  • Provide reassurance for those within their care e.g. answering personalised questions about the COVID-19 situation.
  • Have interactive conversations that go beyond the scope of an automated message e.g. rather than reminding someone to eat, discussing what is in their fridge and what they might be able to make.
  • Reduce the impact of isolation and loneliness for the most vulnerable individuals e.g. asking how they are feeling and whether there is anything they are particularly concerned about.

For more information on the human caller service please click here.

Get in touch

If you are interested in any of the above services please contact or call 0330 058 8244.