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Stage 1: Try receiving a demo call to the number in question

You can test that calls are able to come through by going to and selecting ‘a test message’ to go through to the number in question. The demo call is delivered from the same phone number the main service uses. If the call does not get through, proceed to the next stage

Stage 2

This process enables you to call the number in question via our system. So you will be able to hear what happens when you attempt to call the number in question via our number.

To see which number you get your calls from (your delivery number) click here.

  1. Email us (see our email here) along with the number you are trying to permit, we will reply with a 4-digit code
  2. Call your delivery number from a different phone (not the phone that receives the check-ins/reminders)
  3. Press 5 when instructed
  4. When prompted, enter the code we gave you
  5. When prompted, enter the phone number in question
  6. You will now be connected to the phone number in question. Listen out for what happens and if possible attempt to solve the issue, if you are still stuck contact us and let us know what you heard.