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Warning: This article regards the automated regular reminder/check-in service only.
For articles regarding the automated ‘One-off reminder’ service please go here.
For articles regarding the ‘Calls from a professional’ service please go here.

CareCalls makes it easy for you to experience the service and make sure it is right for you and your loved ones before you commit to a subscription.

1. Try an instant demo

Experience what it is like to get a CareCall straight away. You can receive a one off call to your own phone by using our demo page here.

2. Try our free one-time reminders

Our totally free one-time reminders are a great way to prompt one-off events such as appointments or pick-up times. They are also a great way to test the water with CareCalls. You can set up a one time reminder here.

3. Try the full service free for 30 days

This enables you to experience everything CareCalls has to offer for 30 days free, there is no financial commitment and you are not required to provide payment details. You can set up a trial here or contact us here.