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Set up a one-off reminder

This service is perfect for:

✔️ Doctors' appointments
✔️ Days out
✔️ Other one-off events

DO NOT use this service for:

❌ Repeating reminders such as daily medication reminders
❌ Repeating well-being checks

For repeating reminders, use our Repeat reminder/check-in service (30 day free trial included)

How does it work?

  1. Click 'Continue' below and fill out this form
  2. Our system will call you so you can record the one-off reminder down the phone
  3. At the time & date provided, CareCalls will call the person you have indicated
  4. If they answer, we will play them your one-off message and will send you an SMS to say they received their reminder
  5. If they do not answer, we will try again after 10 minutes
  6. If they don't answer the second time we will send you an SMS to say they missed their reminder